Crisp LaDew | Fire Protection | Fire Sprinkler ContractorOver the past 100 years, Crisp-Ladew Fire Protection Co. has completed thousands of fire sprinkler projects across America.

Crisp-Ladew’s fire protection project capabilities for commercial properties are diverse and include virtually any type of large to medium size building from 20,000 square feet to over a million.

Warehouses; factories; low, medium and high-rise office buildings and hotels; retail stores, shopping centers and municipal buildings are all represented in the Crisp-LaDew project portfolio.

Crisp-LaDew Clients/Projects

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  • Peterbilt service center, Denton, Tx.
  • El Paso Gas & Electric
  • Eastman Chemical Co., Longview, Tx.
  • Masterfoods USA (Mars), Waco, Tx.

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Crisp LaDew | Fire Protection | Fire Protection Contractors

Retail Installations

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  • Town East Mall (Mesquite)
  • Sports Authority big box store, Valley View Mall


Crisp LaDew | Fire Protection | Fire Sprinkler Contractors

Hotel Retrofits
Retooling and modernizing fire sprinkler systems in these and other hotels. Crisp-LaDew was honored to be chosen as the retrofitting contractor for the historical renovation of the Stoneleigh, Dallas’ oldest hotel.

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  • Stoneleigh HotelĀ (Dallas)
  • Clarion Hotel, Downtown (Fort Worth)

Crisp LaDew | Fire Protection | Fire Sprinkler Contractor