Crisp LaDew | Fire Protection | Ft. Worth Dallas In 1931, the late Wm. H. LaDew filed for and received the fourth fire sprinkler license in Texas. Today, there are hundreds of SCR licensed companies operating in Texas and throughout America, but very few have the credentials, experience, and reputation of the Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Co.

The Crisp-LaDew entity came into being in 2005 when Fort Worth-based Crisp Fire Sprinkler, Inc. acquired the then 74-year-old LaDew Fire Protection Co. The merger of the two former competitors created a powerhouse force in the commercial fire protection systems industry.

The new Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Co., a privately-held corporation, features an unmatched combined 100 years of fire protection experience (Weldon Crisp started Crisp Fire Sprinkler, Inc. in 1981). Over these 100 years, the company has had a hand in a number of famous, landmark projects.

The fire protection systems the company designed, fabricated and installed at the new Six Flags Over Texas in 1961, and at the former Braniff Terminal at DFW in 1972 are still operating today.

Crisp LaDew | Fire Protection | Ft. Worth Dallas Other notable projects the company designed, built and installed the systems on are: Original Mary Kay building; Anatole Hotel; Lone Star Brewery; Texas Instruments, Delta Air Lines’ maintenance hangar at the then new DFW Airport; LTV Grand Prairie and Williams Square in Las Colinas, which was the first skyscraper in the DFW Metroplex to be built with fire sprinkler system.

Besides the first skyscraper, over the years Crisp-LaDew has demonstrated the ability to rise to any challenge. This included designing and installing a sprinkler system inside and around the Fiesta Volcano train ride at Six Flags which featured simulated explosions and flowing lava. The company was also called in to design and build the fire sprinkler system at the high-tech pyrotechnic stage at the Studios of Las Colinas.

Crisp LaDew | Fire Protection | Ft. Worth DallasThe following statement says a lot РIn fact, probably no fire sprinkler company in America can make this claim: In the combined 100 years of being in business, Crisp-LaDew has built and installed sprinkler systems in more than 6,500 factories, buildings, and warehouses.  Not one of these buildings with a working system has ever been lost to fire.

And today we are only getting better as the Crisp-LaDew company continues to set the standard for the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of modern fire sprinkler systems.